Nowoczesne kierunki w technologii betonu

    Implementation of modern technology requires extensive experimentation and development of new research methods.

    Implementation of new solutions in concrete technology allows for more efficient use of this material in construction (durability, cost and prompt execution).

    Inevitable condition is a high technical culture of concrete producers and contractors as well as standard of a staff expertise.
  • Transparent Concrete

    Composition: 96% - concrete, 4% - fiber Density: 2100-2300 kg/m3 Resistance: Rc �?? 50 MPa Resistance Rzg �?? 7 MPa

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Big bags: 1 m3


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Big bags: 1,6 m3


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Small paper bags


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In bulk – silo truck

Material SILIMIC is available in the following kinds:

SILIMIC undensified (U)
bulk density up to 350 kg/m3

SILIMIC densified (D)
bulk density from 450 up to 650 kg/m3

SILIMIC slurry
SILIMIC slurry is a 50:50 (by mass) water – and silica dust suspension.
 One cubic meter of slurry contains approx. 700 kg microsilica.
The offerred material SILIMIC is characterized by the following parameters:


SiO2 (% by weight of dry mass) min. 90%
Specific surface (m2/g) ... 15 - 35
Pozzolana Activity Index min. 100%
Retained on 45 micron sieve max. 1%


Kinds of packing

Silimic undesified can be supplied as follows:
- in bulk: in road tanker  
- paper bags a 20 kg
- in big bags a 1m3  

Silimic densified:
- in bulk: in road tanker
- in big bags a 1m3 or 1,6 m3

Silimic slurry:
- in bulk: in road tanker
- in pallet containers a 1m3
Upon Seller’s acceptance, other kind of packing can be used.
In case of any questions / inquiries, please contact us on the given telephone numbers or e-mail address