Nowoczesne kierunki w technologii betonu

    Implementation of modern technology requires extensive experimentation and development of new research methods.

    Implementation of new solutions in concrete technology allows for more efficient use of this material in construction (durability, cost and prompt execution).

    Inevitable condition is a high technical culture of concrete producers and contractors as well as standard of a staff expertise.
  • Transparent Concrete

    Composition: 96% - concrete, 4% - fiber Density: 2100-2300 kg/m3 Resistance: Rc �?? 50 MPa Resistance Rzg �?? 7 MPa

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The plant located in Laziska Gorne has been the only producer of silica fume SILIMIC in Poland since year 1972. Silica fume also known as microsilica, silica dust or silica powder is a side product of ferrosilicon production.

Silica fume SILIMIC, in 90% composed of SiO2,  is most commonly used as an active additive to concrete and building materials. With the microscopic structure and highly developed surface of grains SILIMIC guarantees high pozzolanic properties, ie, reduces the calcium hydroxide, which is used primarily in the production of high strength concrete and other building materials such as dry seasonings, fibrous materials – cement and roofing.
Since SILIMIC is a fine-grained material, it is also applicable in such products as refractories for heavy industry, rubber and detergents.

Products with SILIMIC used as one of the ingredient increase their strength, durability, water resistance, fire resistance, antirust, chemical and abrasion resistance.


foto_gatunki.jpg (../download/text_images) There are three available kinds of material SILIMIC  produced by the plant in Laziska Gorne:  undensified, densified and slurry.


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foto_certyfikaty.jpg (../download/text_images) The plant in Laziska Gorne applies a management system in line with the standard as per EN ISO 9001:2008 within the scope of production and sale of ferroalloys and post-filtration products.

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foto_karty.jpg (../download/text_images) Technical data provides technical description of SILIMIC and its identified uses. Material SILIMIC is not classified as hazardous.


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